Where Can I find Ultimate Cakes?

Wegmans in the Western NY area has the Ultimate Cake series, and trust me, they are worthy of the name. They used to have the Ultimate Chocolate cake which was unbelievable, now they also offer The Ultimate Carrot and White Cakes. I asked if they were willing to share the recipes, but they are very closely guarded secrets.
A recipe that I found that I thought was amazing for a chocolate cake and icing was on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box, and I'd recommend it as one that isn't overly sweet and easy to make. I do have a favorite carrot cake recipe that I have entered in the State Fair of Texas - give a try and see what you think.

What The Heck is a Lifestylist® ?

One of the questions I always get asked is exactly what is a Lifestylist, and what is unique about the Lifestylist Lifestyle. The second most asked question is what makes me a Trailer Diva!
The Lifestylist philosophy is that "It's all about You" - the clients life and style is what dictates how a Lifestylist works with you. My favorite example is I had a client in Phoenix, Arizona that was a major Phoenix Suns fan, and their team colors are orange and purple. The client wanted their entire home done in these colors. What they wanted is what they got, complete with a child's room with a hardwood floor striped like a basketball court.

I just spoke to a friend who's dog had just dug up her entire garden and her daughter slammed the door on the neighbor's hand - all in about 30 minutes time. Her needs and lifestyle are completely different from my Son - no kids, no dogs, and lives in front of his computer. What my style is wouldn't work well for either of them which is why I need to understand the client and what their "hot buttons" are. It's takes extra time and sleuthing to achieve this - many times the client has trouble putting into words exactly what they are looking for but they know it when they see it. I take the responsibility very seriously - a person's environment can truly change their lives in a positive or negative way. If someone is happy in their home their quality of life improves.
Next to being a mother, becoming a Lifestylist is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I'm looking forward to expanding the concept and what it offers in the years to come.