I Adore Lisa Garza -She Was on The Next Food Network Star - Where is She Now?

I love Lisa Garza too! Of all the contestants, she is absolutely the one that I would watch on a show and buy what ever products she brought to market. I’m still craving the Orange basil marmalade she made on the show.
Nancy Nichols, the food goddess at DMagazine has done a great job of keeping us informed on all things Lisa - if you love food you should make a point of reading her blog. I knew she could get me the answers I was looking for, and she directed me to Lisa’s new website at Couture Caviar. Suze Restaurant that she and her husband own also has information.
Keep the Lisa love alive! If you sign up as a friend on her Facebook pages it will show those crazy folks who chose “others” who the fan favorite truly is!

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