Are Mobile Homes Safe?

A great question that we get asked all of the time.

A factory-built, or mobile home can be so many things. Think about if you asked if any home was safe. There are so many options - a home can be a luxury mansion, or a falling down abandoned shack on the side of the road that hasn't been lived in for years.

The same is true with manufactured homes -it depends on how they are taken care of, and how they were built. The good news about any manufactured home built after 1976 is that is was built to HUD code specifications - a national code that makes sure that the home is safe and built properly. Site built homes are typically built to local codes, which tend to vary drastically depending on what city and state they are constructed in.

As a Lifestylist®, I like to use the example of how many site-built homes do you think can go down the road at 70 miles an hour like a manufactured home does, sometimes over 1,000 miles or more? Factory-built homes are built to withstand the shaking, winds, and weather that being on the road subject them to.

A great resource where you can learn more is the Manufactured Housing Institute. They are the organization for manufactured and modular housing and have lots of great resources on their website.

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